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 My Farewell..

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PostSubject: My Farewell..   Wed Mar 12, 2008 7:02 am

I have lost taste in CS:S. Without a mic it gets really gay, and even if I had my mic working I think it would be the same. So I am leaving the clan. It was fun while it lasted for me. I am sorry for all of you who have been in a Clan with me before for having to do this again. This isn't the end of Cake, or at least I hope it isn't. I suppose I will check on in the forums every now and then and play in the server when I can. This is prolly gonna piss a few of you off but oh well. When Dope and I and Acid (whom most of you have never seen since he is out of the country) started this clan I had failed at starting 2 other clans. I thought maybe I'd give it another try. This go around worked out the best. Cake has gotten the most members of the 3 and most activity on the forums and the servers, but I see this clan becoming more and more like a clan I don't want to run. Everyone is worried about scrimming and winning and being the best. There is nothing wrong with that, but I personally prefer to have fun while playing the game and to me scrimming is not fun when you are constantly getting your ass kicked. Also it really doesn't help improve your skill level at all either. Always playing teams that are way out of your league. I guess the main thing I am trying to get across is that I would much rather be the owner of a Fun clan than a competitive clan, and since they don't really "work" together, and most of our members are here to win I am leaving. Please don't forget that this isn't the only reason I am leaving. The first line is the main reason. About the forums. Since I am the forum operator and I wish for you all to do well the forums wont be closed. About the servers, well the Pub was paid for by Dope so that is his server to do with as he pleases and the Rpg SK will remain a Cake server until its time is up. I also own the ventrilo server which will also remain a Cake server until its time is up, which will be in three months. About the server operations. I maintained both of the servers so since I won't be doing that anymore and im not sure if Dope knows how maybe someone could take that over. I also took away my admin on the Pub server. I know this is a bitch move on my behalf, but this is not how I had intended this clan to go. I had thought both types of play could be worked in together. Please don't send me messages on steam or anything telling me how big of a faggot you think I am or anything like that. I will simply remove you from my friends list. I wish you all and this clan the best of luck.

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My Farewell..
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